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January 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

NBC trials digital switch-over in Jos. The Director General of Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Emeka Mba, says the agency has selected Jos, the capital of Plateau State, as the state to carry out the test run of the digital switch-over, adding that the city provides an excellent mix of both private and public broadcast stations needed for the exercise.

Digitalisation Will Involve All Nigerians – Mba. Mr Emeka Mba is the Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC). In this interview with AMINA ALHASSAN AHMAN he gave some insight on how the commission has kept abreast of challenges facing the broadcasting industry, what Nigerians should expect from Digital Switchover in 2015.

Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum Africa. 11-14 February 2014, Arusha, Tanzania. The Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation’s annual meeting point for policymakers and regulators to interact with broadcasters, content developers, broadcast network infrastructure providers and operators, equipment manufacturers and opinion leaders to discuss challenges, solutions and opportunities in the ever more fragmented, competitive and innovative broadcasting industry.

Digital TV in SA faces further setback. The lapsing of a tender for government-subsidised set-top boxes (STBs) for digital terrestrial television (DTT) is “disappointing”, says the South African Communications Forum (SACF).

Nigeria: No more analogue TVs, transmitters to be imported. The Federal Government of Nigeria has banned all importation of analogue TVs and transmitters from 17 June 2014.

Is Africa ready for digital TV? Adrian Schofield, FCSSA, PMCSSA, Manager, Applied Research Unit, Joburg Centre for Software Engineering at Wits University, believes most of Africa will not meet the ITU deadline and says, for the most part, it is unlikely to matter – at least not for the next year or two.  “When the deadline passes, there will no longer be any international “protection” for the spectrum that is used for analogue TV, so there could be signal interference and degradation if other users are allowed into the spectrum. The real challenges are the pent-up demand for the spectrum to be reallocated, to improve broadband access and provide better quality of service and the ability of viewers to access digital TV with analogue equipment. It is the latter that will impact the poorer sections of the communities, as they will have to acquire new aerials and set top boxes – even if subsidised, it is likely to reduce the number of people able to watch TV,” he says.  “It is no co-incidence that Multichoice has launched the Dstv Explora now, to lock in their market,” he adds.  .

Issues in Digital Broadcasting Switchover for Nigeria.

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Information to support civil society advocacy in African Digital Migration

December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Here you will find documents and presentations relating to Digital Migration in Africa

Tanzania Digital Migration Country Status

Analysis Mason Tanzania Digital Migration Case Study

Kenya Digital Migration Web Site

COMESA Digital Migration Roadmap

Media Statement on the third Meeting of SADC Digital Migration Forum

Media Statement on the Fourth SADC Digital Broadcasting Migration Forum

Media Statement on the Sixth SADC Digital Migration Forum

A brief overview of digital migration in Malawi

Article 19/UN joint statement on digital migration

Implementing digital broadcasting plans for Africa – Options and Strategies (BBC)

ATDI Technical overview of the DVB-T2 switchover planning

SABC’s Digital Switch Over (South Africa)

Digital Switchover in Zambia

Digital Broadcast Migration in West Africa (APC)

Practical Guide to Digital Migration in Africa (French)

Direct to Home and community digital broadcasting

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